Freedom Quilt Website
This site has links about slavery and the Underground Railroad, and it has a section that focuses on the use of quilts as a method of communication between slaves. It also includes some project ideas for having students create quilts, either real or virtual, and includes a rubric for that project.

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt by Deborah Hopkinson discusses slaves using quilts as a method of secret communication to share information about safe routes for escape to freedom. The book shows quilts that were used to hide messages.

Hidden In Plain View
This site is a lesson about freedom quilts for older students, using the book Hidden in Plain View. At the bottom of the site it has a chart that lists the different quilt patterns and the meanings that the slaves attached to each pattern.

Owen Sound's Black History Quilt Codes
This site shows the designs of quilts and their meanings. It is believed that the secret meaning behind these designs helped the slaves escape to freedom.