Ok, here we go! Want to add some awesome touches to your quilt blocks? First, make sure you have at least 4 blocks put together as in the example below.


In the first example 4 blocks were put together to form a quilt. In the second quilt, a black rectangle was added to make it look like a backing to the quilt has been added. (Create a dark rectangle a little larger than your quilt. Drag it over your quilt. Then go to Arrange/Move to Back). In the third quilt, the white stitching was added. Here's the trick to do that. Make another rectangle a little larger than your quilt but a little smaller than your dark backing. Under Color Fill in the Shapes Inspector, choose None. Go to Stroke and choose Line. Choose the dotted line. I set the points to 2 and made the color white.

Here's one more cool idea for you.
Select all the triangles or all the squares in your quilt. Select them all by clicking on them one at a time while holding down the shift key. Now go the Shapes Inspector. Under Color Fill, choose Gradient Fill. Click on each color to select the two colors that you'd like to use. Cool effect huh?

Each of the squares are now gradients.