The 9 Patch Quilt block is a very popular block. There are 9 patches put together to form this very basic block. This is a great starting place for our quilt. After you create a few blocks as shown here, you'll be ready to add some variations as shown on the next page of this wiki.

Look at the quilts you have at home. Are any of them made with the 9 Patch?

Watch this video to learn how to make a one inch square and how to duplicate shapes.

Step 1. Open Pages. Select the BLANK page under Page Layout (NOT the one under Word Processing). Step 2. The first block was created by making one 1-inch square. (They've been reduced in size in this illustration.) The first square was duplicated 2 times to form the top row. A cool trick for duplicating objects? Click once on the square (so it has handles), then hold down the 'option key' (lower left hand side of the keyboard) and drag. Cool huh? Make sure you understand this trick because you will use it over and over and over again!!!! Screen_shot_2010-11-17_at_8.27.21_PM.png Step 3. Now you're going to use the duplicating trick to finish up your first 9 patch block. Highlight all three blocks, hold down the option key, and drag the row right below the first row. Now do it one more time and your block will be finished!
Step 4. Time to explore color! Think about the color combination you'd like to have in your quilt. Choose three of your favorite colors that match. Step 5. Using the quilt blocks above as a pattern, change the color of every other patch in your block. Select all the patches that you want to make a contrasting color by clicking on one patch, hold down the shift key (this allows you to select more than one object), and then click on the other patches. Now in the Inspector, go to the Shapes Inspector, click on the color fill and select a different color. Step 6. After you've made 2 9-patch blocks you'll put them together so they start forming a design. Highlight all 9 patches in one block by clicking outside the block and dragging completely over the entire block. All the patches should now have handles. Use your option key (as described in Step 2) and make a duplicate block.
This is 3 9-patch blocks. Can you see all three blocks?