Prepare to be amazed! You're going to use the 9 Patch Quilt Block that you made on the previous wiki page and add 4 right triangles.

In the 2 blocks above the right triangles are gray. They were placed on top of the corner patches. The only difference in the 2 blocks is the placement of the gray triangles. Add triangles to your blocks. Try both variations.

Next duplicate each of your blocks and put them together to start forming a quilt.

Continue duplicating your blocks and you'll see some unexpected patterns forming.

Can you identify the 6 blocks in this quilt?

Now this is really starting to look like a quilt!

Now let's add another shape to our design. Choose just one block. You may have to duplicate one from your quilt. You're going to add 4 rectangles. Each rectangle will be half the size of the square.
That really made a difference to your block didn't it?
Here's some rules to follow in making a quilt:
  • The quilt block should be symmetrical.
  • The colors need to coordinate or match.
  • You need to be consistent where you add color. For example, our new rectangles are all the same color. The right triangles (the ones we added on top of the green squares) are all the same color and the squares are all the same color (except the one in the middle and it matches the right triangles).